Months have passed since I purchased my Tecno Phantom A1 –the first mobile device here to come with a free Power bank! We shall consider in this article the best way to use this to recharge your device battery and get an optimal result.

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The Powerbank, is an Accumulator or Storage battery that stores electric energy for future use. It consists of cells for producing electrical energy from stored chemical energy. Thanks to Tecno for providing this for free to her customers.

Many of our readers from various countries may not appreciate the need for such an accessory as the Powerbank but those especially in some developing countries with constant Power failure will be glad to own one.

Best way to use the Powerbank:


Believe me, if you do not know how to use this Powerbank to power and recharge your device battery, you may be tempted to brand this technology as useless. I have severally used the Powerbank to get a 100% full battery stored energy so you too can! Are you ready?

  1. Please turn of all connections including Bluetooth, WIFI and WIFI Hotspot and Data.
  2. Quit using the phone this will also turn off the display. If the battery is below 20% you can consider switching it off for best result.
  3. Charge with a well recharged Powerbank and be patient because it can take some time. I normally start early like before bath and breakfast so that my battery will be 100% when am good to go!

Now try the above and note the significant change in the life and health of your device battery. You may also want to read how to conserve/save your battery.

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