If you live in Nigeria or plan relocating to Nigeria, you may have wondered which city is the best that offers the most employment or job opportunity. In this article which shall consider just that!

Nigeria is a very big country both in land mass and in population. With about 200 million people living in it, Nigeria is home to the most number of dark Africans in the world and the most populous African country. Recently in 2014, Nigerian economy was proclaimed Africa’s biggest followed by South Africa and more billionaires are from Nigeria than for any other African country. The richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote is also from Nigeria.

With these mouth watering statistics, you should have an insight of what the economy of Nigeria looks like.

Nigeria has 36 states and it is divided into 6 geopolitical zones with each zone having 6 states except the South East zone. Each political zone in Nigeria has cities with huge employment opportunities. The most notable of them being Kano in the North, Port Harcourt in the South, Enugu in the East and Lagos in the West.

Out of all these cities, Lagos stands out. With a population of over 20 Million Nigerians and other nationals, Lagos is truly the Economic capital of Nigeria. Lagos was formerly the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria and the colonial capital of Nigeria. It’s long history of administrative and economic boom makes it stand out today as the unique city in Nigeria where one can get the most employment or job opportunity.

Today, most corporate organisations in Nigeria and some of them multinationals have their head quarters and head office in Lagos and not in Abuja. It is on record that all the commercial banks in Nigeria, most of them now internationalised now have their head office in the city of Lagos. Also Embassies and consulate offices of most countries in Nigeria are also located in Lagos.

Medium and small scale businesses have taken suit too as Lagos is home to the most number of factories, industries and also employers of Labour.

No doubt, although there are many job opportunities found elsewhere in Nigeria, job seekers are first advised to try Lagos!