Channels TV mobile app
Channels TV mobile app

Do you own a mobile device like Android, Symbian, Blackberry and iOS and you need the best Nigerian TV app that lets you watch live TV program from anywhere in the world? Read on to find which one to choose!

Until Nigeria actualises her TV digitalisation program; mobile and Internet users will always want to live stream our local Television contents directly to their mobile/portable devices. If you love Nigerian media/Entertainment Industry, you would certainly love to watch Nigerian TV from anywhere in the world and anytime.

Unfortunately, there are no many Nigerian TVs that can boost of an effective TV application that works, so we narrowed our post down to the 2 great live TV applications for Mobile from two leading TV stations in Nigeria. They are the AIT TV mobile app and Channels TV mobile app. You want to watch Nigerian TVs via the net? Watch as many as you could find from Playstore but don’t forget these two!

Now, its a bit difficult to choose the best TV app for mobile and we shall attempt to aid you to select at least from these two applications!

AIT TV mobile app:

AIT TV mobile TV for Android is one the best free apps that provide live streaming of a Nigerian TV station. This app is official which means that it is owned by DAAR Communications PLC.

AIT TV mobile application
AIT TV mobile application

The (perhaps) only coolest feature about this app is that it streams AIT programmes on the go! No working Settings menu and its just a TV app.

Channels TV mobile app:

This great application provides you with not only a LIVE streaming program but also News stories which is what Channels TV is known for. The News stories ranges from recent stories to Entertainment updates.


The app also has an interactive social tab that links to their various social Networking pages. The Live TV tab connects you to a live streaming link of the TV broadcasts in almost real time. You can optionally watch Channels TV from this link via your factory Video player or any other installed media player like Mx Player and Mobo player.

Judging by the quality of Application, the Channels TV app is far better than the AIT TV app. But we cannot rate any the best because Channels TV is mainly a News/Politics channel while AIT TV channels has a versatile programmes that you will also like.

To download any of these Live TV apps, search them in your device Playstore or Market.