Bloggers who use the WordPress platform and want to monetise their site will have the problem of manually insert ad codes like that of Google Adsense, Yahoo! Ad choice, Chitika, Ad dynamo, etc. to their posts. We shall give the best plug-in that we have used that will automatically do this for you. Just sit back and relax the plug-in robot will place your ad codes just at the right spot for you! You can view my post on blogging tips here.

Quick adsense for WordPress blog
Quick adsense for WordPress blog

I remember how tedious it was back in days when we designed sites with pure HTML codes. Then we manually did search for the right place to add the Google adsense code and we do this just for every post and page in the sight! But with the advent of Content Managing Scripts (CMS) like WordPress blog, web designing has been made a lot easier and dummies sites looks more like a professional’s!

Now a Plug-in will simply paste your Ad codes at the right place(s). That plug-in is:

I will tell you but wait. Ok it called Quick Adsense. This plugin can place ad on various places in your post. See image for a graphical detail. Just search for Quick Adsense in your add new Plug-in page from your WordPress Dashboard. With this plug-in, you can automatically place ad codes in different spots on your posts and pages. I have used not a few adsense plug-ins but Quick adsense has never failed me. It works well and accepts many html ad codes up to 10 different codes and it can create an ad widget for your blog side bar, What is better than that?