The Simplest Bible reading planner for Android phones.

You may have read my post on The best Bible reading app for Android. Now if you are a lover of the Bible both Christian and otherwise perhaps academician or an ardent student of the scriptures, you must have realised that selecting and reading Bible passages at random is not a nice idea if you want to grasp a balanced view of the Bible message. When I tried this haphazard reading of the Bible I ended up reading only selected portions of Psalms, Proverbs and some random portions of the Gospel. For any one who wants to graduate from this nursery pattern of picking the Bible, a Bible reading planner or guide is what he needs best and I recommend Christadelphian Readings app for Android.

Bible Reading 'Readings; app for Android.
Bible Reading ‘Readings; app for Android.

The Christadelphians Readings plan is a one year Bible reading plan that takes the user all round the Bible for one year! The user will completely read all of the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice all in one year! The plan in the app was originally written by Mr. Robert Roberts and published as The Bible Companion in the late 19th century. Since then the booklet has become a best selling booklet and adopted by communities in various countries of the world as their number one reading plan.

The Readings for Android app isn’t a bulky application on its own. It occupies only 1.46MB in my Storage and its completely moveable without any rooting knowledge on the part of the user. It is divided into 3 portions. the first two readings for the day is taken from the Old testament -1st from a chapter(s) from Genesis to Job and the later from Psalms to Malachi. the 3rd portion is from the New Testament and it is covered twice in a year. This Android version supplements the planner with a short Chapter commentary streamed from an online store to the application by the developers.

Other features of the App includes:

  •  Free plugins available for offline KJV.
  •  Free plugins available for selected MP3 Bible providers.
  •  Chapter summaries based on Thomas Scott Bible Commentary, 1866

To download the App, search for Christadelphian readings on your Playstore or click here to  download.