Are you a high-end device lover? I mean those expensive Android phones we find mainly outside the Chinese market? Consider choosing from this list below.

Don’t misunderstand me! There is no fake Android OS out there afterall its free! We shall continue to be thankful to the Chinese Android phone makers for making Android phones affordable for us. You should know that many high-end Android phone makers has only few extra things to offer and they go about selling their name/brand just as Blackberry did with their Curve smartphones. But we still cannot deny the fact that most of these high-end gadgets has some Technologies that we are yet to see in our Chinese Androids.

We compiled this list from CNet’s top 7 new Smartphones so make your choice and order now! In this list we have Android and Windows phones.

Sony Xperia Z Photo:
Sony Xperia Z

Top Seven New Smartphones:

  1.        Samsung Galaxy S4
  2.        LG Optimus G Pro
  3.       HTC One
  4.       Sony Xperia Z
  5.       Nokia Lumia 521
  6.       ZTE Grand S
  7.       Huawei Ascend Mate.