You must have noticed that after the end of each call or an internet surfing session, a pop up notification pops up with detailed info on the amount of data you have used and your remaining balance. This information is invaluable in the management of one’s data and mobile money but when the pop up notification appears very too often, it can be annoying and you may want to permanently turn it off leaving you with the option of manually checking your balance anytime you wish.

This is what the pop up notification from MTN looks like on your phone, the shot below is from my phone:

MTN pop up notification
MTN pop up notification

To turn off this notification, even as it is written on the pop up, simply text  EOCN OFF to 131 I repeat open your SMS pad and write EOCN OFF  and send it to 131. The SMS costs nothing so there is no big risk in doing this if you want to turn off your notification of your balance.

Hope you got the whole details 😉 !


Ever since we made this post in 2013, a lot has changed. If you are looking for a solution on how to stop receiving promotional messages or pop up messages on MTN line, here is the updated guide:

This feature is called MTN Do not disturb or DND. Once activated, you will stop receiving promo texts you didn’t solicit for.

Here is how to activate the MTN DND:

Just text STOP to 2442 on your MTN line to opt out from all third party, promotional and IVR messages.

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  • Many thanks man! Those annoying pop ups are finally gone for good. I salute you my broda.. keep up.