The present latest USB 3.0 transfers at a maximum speed of 5Gb per second, but we at Mymobnet! have learnt from the official USB 3.1 Team that the new and soon to be released USB 3.1 can transfer files at a whooping unimaginable speed of 10Gb per second!

USB 3.1 Photo: Cnet
USB 3.1
Photo: Cnet

Part of the Team’s official statement in states that:

SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps uses a more efficient data encoding and will deliver more than twice the effective  data through-put performance of existing SuperSpeed USB over enhanced, fully backward compatible USB connectors and cables.Compatibility is assured with existing USB 3.0 software stacks and device class protocols as well as with existing 5 Gbps hubs and devices and USB 2.0 products.


We can’t wait to see this next generation device fill our market at least before 2015!

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