You can now watch your favorite TV stations like CNN, BBC News, Press TV and many more live on your Android device and other platforms like Symbian, Blackberry, iOS, etc. for FREE.

Back in my university days in 2008 when I was in my 3rd year of study, I remember publishing a News article that  suggests that Satellite TV phones would become smarter and more feasible. Now, we aren’t talking about watching live satellite stations via some bizarre technology but we are talking about watching it via our old friend -The Internet!


The internet of today has been evolving into something sophisticated and strange. Normally, digital TV stations like Aljazeera will transmit live from their base station. The Transmitter will convert the Audio and Pictures from the studio into Electromagnetic signals. This signals will be sent into the space where it hits some targeted satellites. These satellites will reflect or bounce back the signals respectively back to various worlds or continents or regions, this is similar to what happens when you throw a tennis ball on a standing wall or when your image hits a mirror surface. Then our Satellite TV receiver dishes or plates (like that of Strong or DSTV) will receive the the reflected signals which will be wired directly into the Decoder in our home. This decoder and the display of our TV converts(transduces) this signals back into picture and Audio which will then be displayed on our TV screen.

Internet TV on the other hand is like a real time audio and pictures in a web disk that can be interpreted and synchronised by a supported live streaming app and device.

Live Internet streaming can be enjoyed by those who owns a supported device like Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian. Blackberry, etc. Please use a device with at least a 3G for an enjoying view.

There are many applications across the various mobile platforms that can live stream. As usual I advice you to go through your phone store to know which application is best for you and your phone. You can search with keywords like ‘Watch Live TV’

If you are using Android OS like me, plenty of free apps can do that for you, just search for the keywords on your play store. You may even see app for your local TV station like Channels,etc and you can also see standalone apps that features only one TV Station.

I have used most of these apps and I advice you to try the Android app: World News Live24 as long as News is concerned.

Watch Live satellite News on your phone with World News Live24 Adnroid TV app
Watch Live satellite News on your phone with World News Live24 Adnroid TV app

I first used this app some weeks back in Lagos. If you want to watch other Channels other than News, then you search your mobile store with the respective keyword. This wonderful and tiny app will give you a channel list of 13 International TV stations with their  streaming links embedded. With this app I watch Live TV anywhere I am and on the go!

The TV channel links available in World News Live24  are:

  • Aljazeera
  • Arirang TV
  • BBC World News
  • CCTV
  • CNN Live
  • euro news
  • FRANCE24
  • NHK World
  • Press TV
  • RT

Caution: Carrier charges may apply. If you are not on any special Internet bundle subscription, then watching via WI-FI is advised.

To download World News Live24  App search for it on your app store or on Google to see if your platform is supported.


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