Believe it or not, SwiftKey remains the best Keyboard for mobile phone the world has ever seen. This is no Joke SwiftKey is the best selling Android app and the most accurate multilingual prediction key board the mobile world has ever seen and also the world’s most auto correct keyboard on earth! This is no exaggeration, I used it and it changed my life and made my typing a whole lot easier! This must mean that it has only few available alternatives.

Amidst these unique features of Swiftkey keyboard, one little problem still prevent millions of Android users from enjoying this #1 application, guess what? The little token ($$$) attached to the full version. Hundreds of millions of Android users have actually tested what this efficient Keypad is like but unfortunately, millions cannot pay the $4.29 price when the trial version expires. If you have been addicted to this SwiftKey pad, your mobile life will step backwards when you can’t activate the full version.

Activate your SwiftKey Trial Keypad for free?

Actually many can afford to buy the full version but they don’t have the acceptable cards or online account to make the payment. Whatever the case may be, those with the expired version may have thought of how to break or generate a free full version of SwiftKey trial keypad. Unfortunately we provide legal information for FREE here at Mymobnet! So we have not bothered searching for how to break the Swiftkey app. But don’t worry! We have a possible solution, an alternative key board app called:

TouchPal Keyboard!


Touchpal Keyboard
Touchpal Keyboard

Yes nothing can be like SwiftKey but I have discovered this FREE keyboard app which is also good called TouchPal Keyboard, why don’t you have a look at it?

TouchPal Keyboard has a sort of the mimicry of SwiftKey.

Some of the similar features of TouchPal Keyboard include:

  • Type by swyping
  • Auto correct
  • Auto predict
  • Save strange words to dictionary
  • Etc.

Yes, we said nothing can be like SwiftKey, but trust me TouchPal Keyboard is great too and its completely FREE!

To download Touch Pal Keyboard, search for it on your PlayStore app and install.