This article deals with what to look out for why choosing a low budget or cheap Android phone or device.

Due to the way things are in many countries like Nigeria, many are low-income earners, mobile device end users spend more money to acquire a phone than his counterpart in the technologically developed countries say the EU and North America.  Here we spend about N100K and more to buy renowned phones and tablets which means that we buy Samsung GS3 at a starting price of $625!!! Talk less of Apple phones and tablets! Some of the causes of this hike in price includes:

  • Foreign exchange and Importation tax
  • Mobile network provider’s reseller plans
  • Poor price regulation implementation
  • Etc.!

With respect to all these, many phone buyers here and elsewhere need a low-cost phone that can give them the primary desired features. This was me when I wanted to only have a feel of the Android OS. In case you don’t know I used to be a die hard Windows mobile fan. I have owned 3 WM phones -Two WM 2003 Second edition and one HTC MDA WM 2006 Pocket PC this was all back in the days when Apple and Microsoft ruled the Market and Google was a nobody in the mobile industry but that was then!

Minimum requirements for a low budget Android
Minimum requirements for a low budget Android

If you are looking for a low budget Android phone, I advise you to take the following five things into consideration:

  1. At least nothing less than Android 4.0 ICS OS: Kindly ignore those that thinks that 2.2 upwards are almost same with 4.0 upwards, this isn’t true!
  2. A minimum of 300MB Internal storage:  Yes I know that almost all the Android phones comes with SD support but you must understand that the Phone’s default app consumes a great deal of the internal space and Android system store a lot of Temporary file in the phones internal disk. If your phone’s memory is low simply because it is cheap be sure of a very poor and slow performance. Also don’t think of installing more than few of those unmovable apps. You’re certainly not thinking of rooting your device now, are you?
  3. A minimum RAM of 512MB: Please a RAM of 256MB is too small for an Android device with ICS OS, what can be said of those cheap devices that comes with less? Please go for RAM say at least 500MB if you can. But if you eventually acquire an Android less than 300MB as I first did then  know that very large apps are not for you and you wont have a nice gaming experience. Your phone will be a dull trash in your hand, you will wait for seconds before app like camera will open!
  4. At least a 3.5 inch screen display: Some cheap Android devices like Samsung Galaxy pocket comes with a little sized screen and many users feel that its worth their little cash. Please your money is not little because you have a wide range of choice to make from the active Android market. of course we wouldn’t write this article if they dont exist! Android OS isn’t like some other operating Systems like Blackberry RIM. Android app developers write mainly for large screen devices in the average of 4” The apps I imported from my former 3.5 inch phone to my 5 inch device has never been the same! I mean they are now more enjoyable!!
  5. Look for price range of N20,000 to N30,000: Yes we are talking about low budget phones but Mymobnet!’s low budget has its limit. If you’re looking for the best of low budget Android phones, look towards N25,000 to N30,000 devices. If not I advice you check the old Symbian devices.
  6. Something close to 1Ghz processor: Yes the processor speed of your phone is necessary if you must have a smooth experience of your phone. Eventually you see a duo-core 1Ghz cheap device please consider grabbing it!

These are what we feel you must look out for while choosing a low budget Android phone. I deliberately left you with these without recommending any device now so that you can select from the ever increasing Android market.