The truth is that Nigerians are quite big on Microtek inverters, obviously the electricity issue in the country has made it the inverter industry boom in recent times, My experience in the industry has exposed me to a myriad of problems which the average inverter user is battling with, and one of the biggest issues they experience during the course of their usage is the where they can find a reputable repair center and where to actually repair their microtek inverters.

Users are who do not live in Lagos or developed cities travel distances in order to find a repair center but with repair,ng, the user can stay in the comfort of their homes and book a repair service without any stress, before now, it has been the user looking for a service man to have a look into issues the inverter is having. is Nigeria’s very first and most trusted online repair service portal where you can repair your Microtek Inverter. We have made it very easy for you to repair your broken phones , Inverters and other electronics by simply booking us from the comfort of your home or office through our online booking service website:

Microtek inverters are made with customer friendly monitoring system, there are two kinds of display in inverters to monitor functioning of solar inverters such as utility grid available, solar charging, ups on, battery is low, overload, battery charging form electricity.

Single Microtek Jumbo Jmsw 2Kva 24V Sinewave Ups Inverter, Rs 5000 /piece |  ID: 18461911812
It is designed to run Multiple Desktops, Fans and lights. The changeover time is less than 12 ms which ensures none of appliances running on Inverter will re-start such as Computers, Wi-FI router etc. Do not suffer due to the inconvenience caused by the erratic power as you can rely on the trustworthy team to fix your microtek inverter. The advance sine wave technology of the inverter enhance the life of the batteries and reduces the effort of upkeep. state of the art technology, Avant-garde features and innovative design are all rolled up into one in this inverter also fixes all kinds of phone faults including but not limited to Broken Screen Repair (Glass+Touch+Display), Charging Port Repair, Earpiece repair, Power Button repair, Volume button repair, Back camera repair, Front camera repair, Loudspeaker repair, Battery replacement, Microphone Repair, Home button repair, Liquid damage repair, Vibration repair, Headphone Jack repair, General Diagnostics, Software repair, etc.

Our mobile repair service in Nigeria stands out because we have employed certified technicians and we provide the following Value added additional services like free pickup and delivery, 7 days money back guarantee and 30 days warranty on all repairs.

We also repair all Inverter faults from all the brands of Inverters in Nigeria including: Lionrock, Prag, Smk, SMA, Genus, Luminous, soccer,save power, Ericko, lento, SRNE, Aims LF series, Schneider, must power, Eastman, Kartel, Bluegate, Sunkam DSP, I Power, Xantrex, Xantra, Victron and other similar inverter brands.

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