The average smartphone user in Lagos is faced with an intermittent dilemma of where to get their phones fixed, this dilemma usually emanating from past experiences in the notorious computer village deters a lot of phone users looking for a reliable phone repair service from using the road side phone technician, issues of theft, pick pocketing and in extreme cases outright exchange of phone parts for less durable parts are all the risks individuals take just to access a reliable repair, I know someone who told me how they went to fix their phones in computer village only to discover later that his camera has been swapped. These are experiences of real people who were asking wanted to get their phones repaired only to be swindled by criminal elements, about 1 in 3 person say they would love a service in Lagos that can offer pick up phone repair services, a service they can trust and with great customer service. is one startup you can always trust is the hub where you can fix your phones in Lagos, with professional technicians who can attend to you in a professional manner, whether your phone has a hardware or software issue, can take care of the issue with options of picking up your phone from your home and deliver it back to you after all repairs have been fixed, you do not need to come to their office or workstation, giving you a hassle free experience. logo

One high side of choosing is the new way with which the start up is revolutionizing the art of phone repairs in Lagos, the fact that you can literally repair your faulty phones without leaving your home, Someone said that’s an Illusion I know that sounds like an illusion but it is happening by logging onto you can get to repair not just your phone but any broken electronics as swiftly as possible just by the tap of your fingers.

Some phone faults that we repair:

We fix all kinds of Xiaomi phone faults including but not limited to

  • Broken Screen Repair (Glass + Touch + Display)
  • Charging Port Repair
  • Earpiece repair
  • Power Button repair
  • Volume button repair
  • Back camera repair
  • Front camera repair
  • Loudspeaker repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Microphone Repair
  • Home button repair
  • Liquid damage repair
  • Vibration repair
  • Headphone Jack repair
  • General Diagnostics
  • Software repair, etc.

One of the key features in model is that it is fast, and plays a critical role in the ease-of-living and convenience it brings to the people who are direly in need of phone repair services with a touch of class. But most of the time this convenience is misunderstood with the instant provision of services/goods.

Over 20 million Nigerians have smartphones and the number is projected to rise, according to by 2025 the number of Nigerians using smartphones will increase by over 100% that is 45million phone users without without an on-demand service to cater for a larger proportion of the market, indeed this is worrisome and most Nigerians would ask why their phones are hanging, most times you phones are hanging due to  Low Internal Storage Space or your RAM size is so small and you are overstretching it’s capacity with a too much apps lying about on the phone, to Phone Hanging all you need to do is to Check your smartphone’s internal storage. If it is getting full, chances are that it will slow down your phone and even lead to hanging. To resolve this, delete unimportant apps, videos, files or move them to a memory card.