No doubt, The Samsung Galaxy S4 has been acclaimed by both local and international review tech blogs including Mymobnet! as the best phone of its time. Many reviewers have been compelled to talk only about its fair side. What about the flaws of the Samsung Galaxy S4? Does it have any?

Sometime last year many of us felt that the predecessor of the Samsung Galaxy S4 –the Samsung Galaxy S3 –was the best Android device the eye could ever see, little did they know that a bigger one was coming on the way. Now we have the S4 and some of the S4’s fanatical fans will not like to read the flaws of this great phone as we about to do now, but we advice the rational reader to proceed since he has gone this far by reading up to this point.

Samsung Galaxy S4 cons
Samsung Galaxy S4 cons

But before we talk about the unfavourable features of the Samsung Galaxy S4, we remind our cherished readers that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is by far smarter and more innovative than almost all the known mobile devices of today. Some of the excellent features of the S4 includes: Its 13MP camera, quad core processor, HD display, Android 4.2.2 out of box and a whole lot of unique features.

But as they say, nothing is perfect so you may hate to know that the Samsung galaxy S4 has these flaws:

  • No FM Radio: I was so sad and disappointed to find out that my Samsung Galaxy S4 has no FM radio!! The first thing I did was to check if a radio app could be found on the Playstore (hoping that the FM radio Hardware components are intact), Lo and behold there was none and all owners of a GS4 should stop dreaming about a FM radio. I was so vexed that I googled Samsung’s take on the issue, their take saddened me more because the Korean company claimed that Fm radios are out of date and that those who need a radio must learn to use the internet radio app (or as I thought by a radio receiver!)
    now Samsung have no idea that not all the countries of the world has a stable 3G connectivity and that the streaming of live voice data can be expensive to many, they don’t care! Maybe they are saving that for the galaxy S5, who knows?
  • Cheap Plastic Back: After spending over a N100K to purchase this wonderful device, the final feel you get makes you wonder if your phone worth up to N50K at all!
    This is bad! We all expected to get a sound metal back cover like almost all the high-end devices of the GS4 class like the iPhone5 and HTC One! The metal rear covering means a lot in your hand. It boasts your morale, makes the device look stronger and more durable and adds a little extra weight to the phone. But Samsung thinks the lighter the better, but you know what? The Samsung Galaxy S4 is too light for my liking!
  • The Price!: Although the Samsung Galaxy S4 isn’t the most expensive phone in the market, in fact the Blackberry Q10 is sold higher than the S4 for no good reason! So on that ground; we can say that the price of the GS4 is not bad. But a spade must be called a Spade, The Galaxy S4 is not affordable by many people especially in the developing countries

Many other users of the GS4 complain of other issues which I consider minor. We only got 3 main flaws of the GS4 unlike other high-end gadgets that comes with a ton of bad news, so we can’t help but to conclude that the best phone you will ever buy with your money is the Samsung Galaxy S4 for now!!!