YahClick Internet Service


What do you know about YahClick Internet Service? I guess little. The attention of Mymobnet.com was drawn to the back cover advert of the Vol. 39 edition of TheNEWS Magazine which…

featured a full page advert of the internet service.

Mymobnet.com is yet to test this service so our team presently find it hard to advice our readers to purchase this service only based on the information provided by the company on their website and adverts.

YahClick is a satellite broadband service powered by YAHSAT and in partnership with Coollink -an IT partner.

The company boats of providing a whooping 15 Mbps which is about 2X faster than the now popular HSPDA(3.5 G). THIS SPEED HAS NOT BEEN TESTED BY US!

The company claim their service is “Reliable, Affordable, Wide-reaching, etc.”
Mymobnet.com gathered that their customer-premises equipment can be obtained from them as low as N35,000.00

Contact YahClick for more information at www.yahsat.com/yahclick phone: +23412710252-6
E-mail: sales@coollink.us

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