Are you tired of having apps on your phone that can’t help you to keep in touch with your region, Nigeria? Clearly there are a thousand different apps with many different purposes, and at times it can be hard to choose between them.

Doing some research about users’ needs in the country, Nigeria , we came up with these top 5 Nigerian mobile apps.

  • Nigeria NewsThis is the country’s top news app now available for Android. In case you need easy access to the most up-to-date news, stories and sources in Nigeria, this is your key app.
  • tfsRadio NigeriaIt will allow you to listen to music and news from all around the country. It also offers great gadgets like a sleep timer, alarm clock, favourite stations list, history of stations listened to, customer service support and a “wi-fi only” on and off switch. So even if you’re travelling out of the country, you know that with this mobile app you’ll always be able to listen to great Nigeria music and news.
  • Nigerian MoviesDo you feel like watching Nigerian films from your Android phone? Nollywood, Nigerian, Yoruba and Naija movies at your fingertips, you can watch them for free and in HD on your mobile device.
  • you’re into internet commerce, this is your mobile app. It enables users to download it quickly and post an advert that will be seen by a large number of people on a daily basis. It can also be used to browse the adverts to purchase any item you need, look for jobs, apartments, you name it! allows users to add photos to their products and browse by region, product, size…
  • Nigerian ConstitutionimageAiming at educating Nigerian citizens and those interested in Nigerian law, it app offers a working knowledge of the Constitution and is now specially adapted to be used on mobile devices. Nigerian citizens should know their rights in order to be able to hold their leaders responsible in case there is any problem in this sense.These are the top Nigerian apps you must have in your phone to always be kept in touch with your country, regardless of where you are.