Now you shall know why the Blackberry (BB) Messenger app is not that great as it sounds and why we dislike it and won’t recommend it. Read Best 5 chat application for your phone.

BlackBerry Messenger BBM
Why we hate BlackBerry Messenger BBM

Yes it is no longer new that pinging is to Blackberry as Internet Explorer is for Windows. But how true is this? Yes, it is true that Blackberry Messaging (BBM) is exclusive to Blackberry devices but many directly or indirectly exaggerate this to mean that there is no other nice communication/chat tool out there that can match the Blackberry Messenger also known as Ping. I was once a BB user and many of us then, I mean real many, would readily quit the RIM OS for any other system say Symbian only if Blackberry messaging could be erased from BB and placed in another phone like Nokia S60. This shows the level of commitment and addiction Blackberry users are into!

What is the truth about Blackberry pinging?

The truth is that here at Mymobnet! we think that BB Messenger is not a great chat tool. Why? Because:

  • It is restricted only to blackberry Phone owners: You know what? If you are say a young girl who owns a BB phone and your fiancee uses an iPhone, pinging with him via BBM is impossible! You must switch to another chat app or you get a BB for your guy!
  • One cannot easily connect to a public room: Chatting with contacts other than those you have their PIN is pretty difficult with BBM. You won’t match it with public chat rooms found in many communication apps like 2go! Messenger, Badoo and the rest of them.
  • There is nothing special about its User Interface: yes we mean just that! BBM has the typical accessible links, so does others. BBM uses emoticons and so does others. In fact there is an insignificant unique thing about BBM!
  • It is useless without Blackberry (BIS) subscription: Oh we forgot to make this our number one dislike point! But wait, what on earth will make you prefer a tiny, very tiny chat app that wont work unless you make some subscription of about N1,500?!
  • It cannot compete with apps that supports live Video/Audio call: Apart from the fact that BBM can transfer pictures and recorded audio files, believe me, Blackberry messenger is simply an SMS tool as long as live communication is concerned. C’mon! Why don’t you try Yahoo messenger for Android, iOS and Windows for free? You can also use Skype which requires credits after your first 20 free video calls.
  • User pin can hardly be transferred to another phone: The original idea is that every Blackberry device has its own unique PIN. If you loose or give away your Blackberry phone and acquires another one, the new device will come with its own unique PIN different from that of your former. Since the PIN is like your BBM username, what you have to do is to re-broadcast your new PIN to your former contacts before you can chat with them. This is absolutely nonsense! I know you wouldn’t like this idea neither will you seek for some stressful ways of retaining your old PIN.

Blackberry (RIM) know all these we wrote here but they wont give up on the Blackberry Messenger (neither will you unless you give a third thought) because the BBM is like a Juju(spell) they use to force-make their customers loyal. Without the Blackberry messenger, many BBM will clearly behold how old and archaic (all the versions of) the BB OS is compared to its counterparts Android and Appple iOS.

If this article changes your perception of the BBM or breaks you out of the BBM addiction, then know that you have been enlightened by us! 🙂 So don’t forget to share this post!