Too many people have wondered what a free and a legal Internet browsing can be like. Of course I wouldn’t want to recommend any kind of cheat in this blog and if you must know millions of Nigerians have benefited from numerous free Internet browsing across many networks. You may want to read my post on the Best Internet plan in Nigeria

When ever you hear free, something ought to come to your mind and that is: Nothing comes for free! On this note I introduce to you free Internet data from MTN  Nigerians data Delight offer. MTN Nigeria very recently introduced a new Internet package that gives away upto an extra 1.5GB of data on certain Internet bundle plans and we think this is Free browsing! Yes they give away free data for free Internet surfing but something must be worked to make it truly free ^_^

Before you read on,  MTN just gave me today a whopping extra 1.5GB at an amazing extra price of  N0.00 I mean  at no charge that is FREE :-!  They notified me of my offer with this SMS:

Y’ello! You have received 1.5GB extra data in the MTN Data Delight offer, you now have 4.5GB. Valid for 30Days. Dial *559# for balance on extra data. Enjoy!

The Best Internet bundle
The Best Internet bundle in Nigeria

How to get this free Internet data offer: Please note that this offer is legal and guaranteed to any qualified customer by MTN. Infact it isn’t an offer like a try-your-luck thing but it is part of the brand new Internet bundles from MTN.

To get this offer, subscribe for any Internet bundle from MTN that is above 10Mb. The least free data one can get with MTN Data delight offer is that of 100MB for N1,000 and you get 160MB free making it a total of 260MB, activation code for this is *106# The highest offer is a 5GB subscription for N8,000 and you get free 2.5GB summing it up to 7.5GB isn’t this cool? Read this post to see the full list of offers and extra data from all the available bundles.



  • Omg! Are u advertising for MTN or u are being sincere? How can you say free when all other network providers have that exact amount of data for the same price u wrote above or even better ones. This is disappointing anyway.

  • Believe me the extra data (upto 2.5Gb) is free and nothing in the plans of other networks is like it.
    The least GB plan on Glo is glo leisure which is just from 8PM to 9Am everyday except weekends, and they charge a whooping 5K for only 4gb
    Airtel 3gb only weekend is 3K while MTN’s night plan is lasting now for 24 hrs at only N2,500

    We are not affiliated with MTN and I know its promo but I think we are getting the extra data from MTN for FREE 😉

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    May 6, 2013 1:11 pm

    finally i found someone who knows how to provide relevant information on the topic i have been searching for? thanks, at last i can study with pleasure..