The world, Africa and Nigeria in particular is so opportuned to have a competetive Internet industry. We are so privilledged to choose from a wide range of Internet Bundle plans across many Network providers. Personally I have used so many of these Internet bundle plans. I have a universal Internet Modem which I use whenever my PC isn’t connected to the portable wifi hotspot from my Android Phone.

Of all these Internet plans, no one beats MTN Nigeria Night data Bundle plan. With this plan, one gets a whooping 3GB of data only at a token of N2,500! The only set back is that MTN officially allows the user to exchange data about 9 hours a day that is from 9PM to 6AM every day for 30 days! Still at this, its still almost free!

The Best Internet bundle in Nigeria
The Best Internet bundle in Nigeria

But one strange thing about this plan that I have found out since 2010 when I was using it in Akwanga, nassarawa State is that one can actually use the plan for 24 hours a day without waiting until night! Yes, this is true, infact I am using it right now. No additional setting is required! In my survey, I found out that this doesn’t work for every MTN Line or Modem so you may not be that lucky but remember that the official statement from the Internet provider says 9PM to 6AM

To enjoy this plan, recharge your MTN line with N2,500 credit and SEND 102 to  131 via SMS