I earlier on talked about Ultrasonic Mosquito repellent applications for Android, iOS and other platforms. Now we shall examine the controversial question: Does it work?

Unfortunately, many (not all) scientist are yet to agree on the workability of this application. How could sounds, supersonic sounds, chase away mosquitoes? They wondered. Some researchers went into the field and mounted ultrasonic transmitters only to get a negative result. Most of them seem to say –It does not work!

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BBC refers to a research that says: “”Electronic mosquito repellents (EMR) are designed to repel female mosquitoes by emitting high-pitched sounds almost inaudible to the human ear…

“Ten field studies looking at the number of mosquitoes caught on the bare body parts of humans were assessed. These studies were conducted in various parts of the world with different species of mosquitoes and were controlled for factors such as locality and timing…

“There was no evidence in the field studies to support any repelling effects of EMRs.”

-Electronic mosquito repellents for preventing mosquito bites and malaria infection, by A Enayati, J Hemingway and P Garner.”

Now I tried to reconsider my earlier position on this anti-mosquito applications until I discovered that most of the reviewers of the app, mainly lay users unanimously agree that they have nights free from mosquitoes when the app is on! Now we have some discrepancies between the professional and the ordinary users.

My own testing of the Sonic Mosquito repellent application:

Mosquito repellent application for phone
Mosquito repellent application for phone

Believe me, you know nothing about mosquito until you come to the tropics where I live –I see like a swamp of them every night and the volume of my blood sacrificed to their thirst can’t be over stated here.

So I decided to test this app myself. I had no super tracking devices like my other colleagues except my natural senses so I knew when they came and when the quitoes left, am used to that. My first test was unsuccessful because my first mosquito repellent app for Android was marred by ads and it often freeze itself.

I downloaded this time an excellent Mosquito repellent app. Mosquitoes would normally do everything possible to draw saw haemoglobin fortified meal from any exposed part of your body. One such night those mosquitoes wouldn’t let me be, I decided to commence my test, I first uncovered the unexposed part of my leg and feet and that was just an invitation to feast! Then I turned on my repellent app and allowed it transmit at the more audible 14kHz. You would hear very tiny krrrr… sound and guess what? The mosquito repellent app pushed virtually all the mosquitoes away from my phone which I placed near me! The app worked!  But I didn’t conclude on that single test alone.

The stern truth is that this repellent app has been my most used app since I installed it on my phone. Whenever I forget turning it on, the mosquitoes around me reminds me to do just that! I have literally used it every day since my download and it worked!

My observation:

I observed that this app repels mosquito only within a limited range and most effective at zones close to the transmitter –the mobile phone. Could it be that the researchers didn’t put this into consideration as they carried the test on an open field as one of the researches disclosed?

I advice the researchers who still want to carry out test on this app to strictly consider the response of very wide species of mosquito all around the world. Who knows if the mosquitoes in the advanced countries wouldn’t bother about sonic sounds, after all they must have been used to such sounds in their busy cities?

Much said. The repellent app that I used simply worked just as the majority user reviews suggest. Get yours today by searching the key word ‘Mosquito’ in your Google Playstore app.