For some years now, people flood BlackBerry stores to purchase BB phones, not mainly because of BB Hardware or software but simply because of BlackBerry’s famous chat application: BlackBerry messenger also known as BBM. Now if it is true that people don’t actually love the BlackBerry platform as their sales suggest, we now wonder what it shall be like if we provide a BBM Apk, Sys and jar download link for Android, Symbian and Java phones.

Let’s talk about BlackBerry Messenger download for Android phones and Tablets. Surveys and worldwide ratings plainly asserts that the Android platform supersedes that of BlackBerry, in fact this is no news for we all have a firsthand info on what Android UI and the number of apps on their store is like compared to BlackBerry. So we don’t how to disbelieve the fact that BlackBerry Messenger will make the Social networking and Instant Messaging in Android OS and other platforms like Apple iOS, Nokia Symbian and Java OS more fun!

BlackBerry Messenger BBM for Android?
BlackBerry Messenger BBM for Android?

Why the search for how to download BlackBerry Messenger for Android, etc. increased:

We all know how and when BlackBerry devices dominated a great section of the world’s market. Even countries like India, China and Nigeria saw their poorest citizens save their last dime for an exchange of a Blackberry device. But with the advent of Samsung’s determination to kill Apple’s Mobile market with their Galaxy brands, Blackberry fell with other Mobile OS as Android soared higher and higher. Many former RIM customers saw the need to switch over to Android which they actually did but unfortunately, they all missed their BBM! No chat app was like it they falsely claimed.

Early this year, we heard rumour that BlackBerry will make its BBM available for download in other platforms especially Android. We have waited until this time to post an article captioned: How to Download BlackBerry Messenger for Android, etc.?

Download BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for Android, Symbian, iOS and Java phones

Many Tech sites have gone ahead to deceive their readers to think that BBM can be installed on phones other than BlackBerry. Mymobnet! can categorically tell you that unfortunately, Blackberry Messenger AKA BBM cannot be downloaded or installed in phones other than BlackBerry for now.

But you don’t have to worry or feel disappointed. We have taken our time to prepare top 5 chat applications for your phone. Some of them even have greater features than the BBM, isn’t that a good news 😉 ?

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