Today, we want to take a special spec review on Infinix Race Max Q from Infinix Mobile –one of the key players in our Android market. This phone is special because just like the Gionee Gpad2 G2, it is 5.3 inch screen and boasts of a quad core processor! What really is in this grand device called Infinix Race Max Q? Read on as we at Mymobnet! E-Magazine blog unravel the mysteries behind its specs.

Hardware and Design:

We shall now first look at the build of this large device. The design of the Infinix Race Max Q is great almost same as that of the Gionee Gpad2 G2 which has similar specs with it though it a little bit longer than the G2 with about 2mm. The rounded edge is ok and it’s so sleek that you may mistake it for a 5 inch screen device. The actual dimension is 147 X 77.2 X 9.9mm.

infinix race max q
infinix race max q

Like all the grand devices, larger screen size make media and web pages fit more into the screen than in smaller devices.

Operating System:

The Infinix Race Max Q runs on the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean OS like almost all the Chi-chi Android phones of it’s class. This is commendable by us since the Jelly Bean OS is the latest OS in the Android platform for now (See the new Jelly Bean 4.3)


As we said earlier on, the 5.3 inch screen of the Max Q is very impressive. Android OS is truly re-defining what we know a mobile device is.

But in the Infinix Race Max Q, we at Mymobnet! saw what we consider as some of the poorest display resolution we can find. It’s simply not beautiful to behold a 5.3 inch device with a 480 X 854 resolution while 5 inch screen phones like the Phantom A1 has 720 X 1280 HD display!

Also the Infinix Race Max Q has an LCD screen which is neither bad nor very good. The screen of a device contributes to about 40% of its price, so consumers who need a cheap Android device will have to pay some price here.


The speed and performance of Infinix Race Max Q is excellent! It has a quad core CPU with a 1.2Ghz processor! This almost puts it in the high-end phone class! So if you thinking about buying one, go ahead and enjoy your new fast device!


Just like the Gpad 2, the camera of the Race Max Q is: “is 8MP Auto Focus which is getting common among the droids in the market. 8MP is cute and takes a high resolution images that can be neatly printed on paper, you will love it.” The front camera is 1.2MP which still takes great pictures for video calling. The LED Flash at the back is great also and can illuminate a dark room.


The memory of this phone is nice though uncommon. It has a nice 4GB ROM and a great 1GB RAM. It is just OK for the device.


The internet is excellent. A 3.5G connection with a WI-FI is what we see in it. You can connect your other gadgets and PCs with your favourite WI-FI hotspot.


The battery of this device is just normal, not bad but not outstanding. It is 2100mAh. Its OK but a little bit less fine for a 5.3 inch device but its still cool anyway.


Now if you love anything about this great device from Infinix then you will be amazed at its price, it is sold now for N40K! You may be amazed because the price may be considered high because of the competition in the market and low because of some of its great features like the quad core CPU.

Whichever way, the Infinix Race Max Q isn’t bad at all!



  • Amazing device! the only turn off is the screen resolution but i can live with that as long as it perform the basic android functions and a good battery life. meanwhile a new entry level tecno M3 has just been released, looking forward for your review as i intended to buy it as my primary phone but the conflicting specs from tecno’s website is not encouraging.

  • Pls…how much is the infinix race max q…and how can i get one…?