Not a few readers of Mymobnet! blog have called and asked me my take on the best mobile browser for Android devices. We shall look into this hot discussion under this post: Which mobile phone browser is the best for Android devices? So why don’t you read on?

First of all we wonder what ‘Best’ can really mean!

I think the general definition of best is better than all others, isn’t it? So are we really out there searching for the mobile browser that is better than all others? First and the primary thing I want to make it clear is that this isn’t like in an Olympic race where one comes up first and the other last. What we’re trying to say here at Mymobnet! lab is that many top browsers that runs on Android platform has some good or unique feature that has kept them on the niche, so its easier to write about a recommended Android browser than a best browser.

But since we’ve started this course, let’s take a look at the popular mobile browsers in the Android operating System that we have tested and used for some time. This list in no way represents any superiority order at all! Let’s go! But consider the list as:

 Mymobnet!’s recommended browsers for Android devices!

Android Mobile  browsers

  • Next browser: Very few people talk about the Next browser so you must be privileged to learn about it from Mymobnet! if you hearing about it for the first time. I have used this browser for a long time and I love it for being fast and simple! It displays web graphics almost better than many other browsers, resize pages, etc.

  • Opera Mobile browser: This browser is without doubt the most popular mobile browser in the market. I started using it in 2006 back in my University days, strikingly I was the first in my school to use this browser. Opera browser has many variants like the mini, classic, and the main Opera  Mobile. I have written some articles about Opera browser like: Opera Mobile shortcuts and Opera Classic browser. Generally, opera browser(s) is known for by its ability to resize pages to fit phone, compress data to save money and data, fast, download manager,etc.

  • Dolphin browser: This geeky browser is a must own for every Android user. It has been around for some time and has managed to gain handful popularity. It is known for its innovative features like Sonar voice search, wep app store, Social site links, lots of Dolphin add-ons, etc.

  • Firefox Mobile browser: This outstanding Open Source browser is also great. It is fast, displays nice but optional desktop view of page. I stopped using it for sometime now because its frequent bugs and huge size, but you too must install the updated feature to enjoy this mobile version of your popular Firefox browser for PC
  • Chrome browser: This great app owned by Google which many thought should have been the default browser for all Android devices thrives better in higher end droids. Its such a nice browser with frequent updates from the developers and it is primarily known for its super fast speed, Syncing with PC Chrome and Private browsing in Incognito mode.

  • UC Browser: This application which is gradually becoming the best loved among other mobile browsers must make Mymobnet! list of tested and recommended mobile browsers for Android. The UC browser is known primarily for its better or superb Download manager. You can pause and resume downloads anytime with this. It’s Memory optimisation feature is specially great for low RAM devices, but for me, the coolest thing I love about this browser is its different mode. The Night mode blackens the background of the page and brightens the text making it a must use browser at night or in the dark

  • Boat browser: Our last but not the least mobile browser for Android is the Boat browser. This emerging popular browser is also great in its own way. It does the basic features a browser can do and does it very well. Additionally, Its download manager can be likened to that of the UC browser, this great browser uniquely supports Flash, Video and YouTube videos viewed from it, isn’t this cool?

Now that you have read this far, I think you must have had a great insight of what Top browsers for Android devices look like. It took us time to finally compile this. Tell us what you think about them or any other browser via the comment form down below. Don’t forget to LIKE our Face page and Follow @Mymobnet on Twitter to stay updated with our posts and updates!