Many webmasters and Blog owners dream of monetising their blog/website and the most popular way of meeting this goal is to advertise on your site using the Google Adsense from Google Inc.

No doubt Google adsense is the most popular way of making money from a blog not simply because Google itself is popular but mainly because Google Adsense program pays or better put is rewarding. Many bloggers have quit their job and rely on Google money for a living so we can’t underestimate the value this program has added to people’s lives.

Google Adsense from mobile phone
Google Adsense from mobile phone

Why should I think of managing my adsense account from a mobile device?

These days, a lot of people have gone mobile and mobile internet has literally taken over PC browsing in many part of the world. Back in the days it used to be only GPRS network for mobile browsing but now phones and tablets can boast of connecting to a super-speed network as fast as what one can get on a PC and not only that, many Open Source programmers have developed mobile browsers that can display a perfect desktop version of any page on a mobile supporting up to HTML5!

Blogging has also been made a lot easier using a mobile device. Many blogging platforms have a mobile version of their administrative dashboards and others like WordPress has its distinct app for managing blogs. These are some of the reasons why managing your Google adsense ads from your mobile is very essential.

Do you want to manage your adsense account from your mobile device?

Yes! Is the answer. Google has made it a lot easier for its users to view their earnings and manage their account using a mobile device. Most phones that can connect to the internet will do just that.

Point your browser to and you will be automatically be redirected to the mobile version of the site: –This mobile version will do the basic job of the desktop site and you can also check your hottest channels using it plus many more!

Unfortunately this mobile version will not serve you as you might want because of its limited functions. This is sad 🙁 you know because a lot of account holders can not readily access a PC anytime.

Don’t worry, there is a solution!

There is a mobile application that will gather all your adsense info in just one basket –one app for you and it provides additional features for you –I mean additional features that every webmaster must possess! This mobile application is called Adsense Dashboard and I use the Android version of it 😉 Of course this will be left for another post!

Have a great day.