You may have noticed a hike in the number of your installed updates that have queued up for update in your Playstore application and you wonder which to update but now we can show you why you may ignore any update notification that came to your phone from last week to now.

We at your favourite Mymobnet! E-tech Magazine learnt that Google has finalised plan to launch the brand new Android Operating System: Kitkat 4.4 this month. Though this isn’t strictly official from Google, many close sources have confirmed it.


Google Playstore
Google Playstore

Most updates that comes to your phone will not make much difference once installed if your run a 4.3 or lower device, this is because the said new updates are mostly a fix to compatibility issues to the Kitkat 4.4. Many app developers wants their application to be compatible with all devices and OS so thats why they’ve released the compability updates prior to Google’s official release of the Kitkat OS.

You may only wish to install the updates especially if its been long you installed any new update or if there are other bug fixes to the app as stated in the Description tab of the app.

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