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Onyx asked 3 years ago

I have an m6 gionee phone since January 2019. Since December last year it lasts less than an hour when in use and up to 2hours if in sleep mode. How do I go about restoring it? How long will it take? ThanksĀ 

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Chekwas Ojike Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello, sorry for the late response. I recommend you

  1. go to settings and search for ‘battery’.
  2. Select the option that shows your battery usage
  3. kill or uninstall the apps that drain your battery the most.
  4. Check if there is a spy app installed on your device or any other app that run on the background. Disable this apps.

Also make sure you don’t have the always on screen display activated.
Make sure you always turn off your GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and data when not in use.

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