In this article, I shall provide a detailed review and specification of Tecno D3 which is part of Tecno mobile Android series, and all that a prospective buyer and user must know about the smart phone.

Some few months have passed since the first announcement of Tecno D3 but we found out that the phone still make

news among mobile users across Nigeria, China and the rest of the third world market. I shall proceed to let you know more than the basics things you must know about the Tecno D3 Android phone.

Design: The Tecno D3 is solidly built with a design similar to the Tecno n3 and Tecno T3 (Java). The rounded rectangular design will of course invite the prospective buyer to want to explore the device.


The weight of the phone is impressive; it’s not light and not too heavy. With such a weight (slightly heavier than the n3), ironically one would readily expect Tecno D3 to be packed with great features. It will be fair to state this early that Tecno D3 is a failure but I will not assert that now.

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Features: Tecno n3 is loaded with an Android OS! A high mark for that –but sadly or unfortunately the phone comes with Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread which is now fast becoming obsolete L this is the first sign that suggests that the cash value of Tecno D3 may worth more than the device itself. But do not conclude yet. Read on.

Memory: It’s so bad that many users don’t know anything about the memory of their phone until they buy it. If you are one of those I guess you will regret acquiring a Tecno D3 device. Some will fool you that the internal storage of Tecno D3 is 512Mb but the real end user available memory is just about 160Mb L c’mon! You know what this means? Only very few of Android applications will dwell in this phone! Of course not all apps can be moved to the SD so those >5Mb apps like Maps and Facebook, etc. will take great percentage of your space and leave you with little than nothing! This reminds me of those bad days when I in vain tried to play with the much celebrated but poor Samsung Galaxy Y pros which came with an internal storage of only 170Mb.

The RAM of Tecno D3 is not bad at all. I mean the RAM is excellent for the device. 512MB RAM is OK, isn’t it? The end user RAM is just about 428Mb. The main problem is the internal memory.

Connectivity: Am sorry to say that the worst thing about Tecno D3 apart from its internal storage is its Internet connectivity! What else should I say of an Android device called Tecno D3 that cannot boast of at least a 3G connection when other devices are talking of 4G?! You will certainly not thinking of streaming live videos or watching a steady YouTube video with this device. Tecno D3 reminds me of Blackberry Curve2 which is another highly celebrated but good-for-nothing smart phone.

Battery life: The 1450mAH battery isn’t a great idea. In reality, the phone will last up to 16 hours when mostly idle but only about 6 hours when in heavy usage. This is not good!

Many other things can be said of Tecno D3 but I leave you to study the full specifications yourself.


  • Camera:                      3.0 Mega pixels with flash, 0.3MP front
  • Operating System:     Android 2.3 Gingerbread
  • Screen size:                 3.5 inch
  • Processor:                   1Ghz duo core
  • Internal Storage:       160fMb expandable to 32Gb and free 8Gb memory card
  • RAM:                           512Mb
  • Connectivity:             GPRS, EDGE (GSM 900/1200)
  • DUAL SIM:                  Yes
  • Battery:                      1450mAH


The Price range of Tecno D3 is from N10,500 to N11,500. It is available in major Tecno dealer stores nationwide but especially in the major cities like Lagos, Kano, Abuja and Aba.

What we think about Tecno D3: Poor



  • which other tecno phone is more prefarable and better than tecno d3?

  • how to unlock my android phone tecno d3 which is blocked after several attempts by deveroullage scheme

  • use your google account to unlock or try hard resetting it

  • how to unlock my android tecno d3 that this is blocked after SEVERAL attempts by chema deveroullage of my little sister and my knowledge that does not know the code now my phone is blocked and asked me dentre my gmail account and password passe.dont I nen owns pas.comment deverouller this fone.sil you complai jattend a favorable solution and fiable.en Passan jai internet connection disposition.dans Waiting for your answer to my dune favorable response I daccepter you my sincere thanks.

  • how to hard reset my phone ? I didn’t set a google account in my device

  • You shall loose all your data after hard resetting:
    1. Eteignez l’appareil
    2. Maintenez la touche POWER avec au moins la touche de volume vers le bas pour alimenter le téléphone et lancer le processus de réinitialisation.
    3. Une fenêtre de commande comme avec parfois un texte vert apparaît
    4. Utilisez les flèches haut / bas pour faire défiler l’écran et utilisez la touche d’alimentation pour sélectionner.
    5. Sélectionnez effacer les données et le téléphone redémarre après quelques minutes à quelques
    1. Switch off the device
    2. Hold the POWER key together with at least the down volume key to power the phone and start the resetting process.
    3. A command-like window with sometimes a green text appears
    4. Use the up/down arrow key to scroll screen and use the Power key to select.
    5. Select WIPE DATA and the phone reboots after some few minutes to

  • please how do i change my tecno D3 screen .cose i was trying to download from the net and the screen went black. or is they any thing i can do. I need help.

  • Please take it to anyTecno service centre around you

  • my tecno bml d3 dual sim had been ,lock i try to flash but the software is not recognice it, i have try all the procedures but no avail .blue skin ll sometime appear but there is no wipe data in. again sometime a triangle ll appear,it menu not coming ,i try to sign in with my google ccount it wrote to me invalid surname or passworld

  • I block my android tecno d3. I don’t how to unblock it after too many pattern attempts. why is’t difficult to flash it?