You remember that we reported at Mymobnet! on September 20th, that Tecno phantom A2 or F8 Android Phablet would be coming soon? Today we present you a full specification review and price of this Android device. We actually did play with this device so you shall not be misguided. You are privileged to be tuned in to Mymobnet! E-Tech blog now so continue to see a unique review of this celebrated Phablet from Tecno before you consider finally making that purchase!

We shall as much as possible give you an in depth review of this product in this review. We shall start with the:

Hardware and Design:

The Phantom A2 is solidly built. It has a great look though not an entirely new design because the design is simply a 5.7 inch screen version of the exact design of any other 5 inch Tecno Phantom device, so I guess you now know what the Phantom A2 exactly looks like.

Tecno Phantom A2 Android phone Phablet
Tecno Phantom A2 Android phone Phablet

Like other devices in the Tecno Phantom series, the Phantom A2 comes with 2 colour variants: the white and the black. I saw the both before writing this review and I must say they are cool. I like the black and you may like the white variant. The body is wholly plastic and no metallic cover, of course Tecno Mobile produces economical devices so any other material other than plastic will certainly hike the final price of the device.

Operating System:

Tecno Phantom A2 is preloaded with a Jellybean 4.2 Operating system. This is great though it shouldn’t make any other more exciting news for any new device. The 4.2 is about an up to date Operating System and certainly what Tecno customers will love because they have never loaded any device with a more up to date OS than this 4.2 which can also be found in most High end devices.

But the only problem with this which we shall not fail to mention to our valued readers is that so far Tecno Mobile will not provide any Over The Air OS upgrade for this device which means the final consumer stops at the factory loaded OS. This is not particularly good considering the fact that the Jellybean 4.3 OS is getting old and the 4.4 Kitkat OS will most likely come this month.

But don’t forget that the 4.2 is a great Operating System!


Tecno Phantom A2 will certainly get praises by almost all Tech review sites. In as much few will try to get such an in depth review as this, we shall not blame for promoting any product simply based on the manufacturer spec list. I first of all said this in order not to discourage any on the fact we want to say about the poor display of this device which many now worship.

The resolution of Tecno Phantom A2 is 720*1280. Tecno will not call this a High Definition display because it isn’t but many readers may mistake it for one.

Why the display of Tecno Phantom A2 is as poor as that of Tecno n7is because a resolution of 720*1280 is that exact one you find in many 4.7 to 5.0 inch screen devices like the Phantom A1 phone. So when this supposedly HD resolution is stretched to a device as big as the 5.7 inch screen of the Tecno F8 Phantom A2 Phablet, the outcome will yield a not pleasant display of colour and picture which you may not cherish because colour is life.

However, we shall not let our readers exaggerate negatively the display of this Tecno Phantom A2, it is not that bad though you may not compare the display of Tecno n7with that of Phantom A1.

What has been keeping Mymobnet! blog till now is that we sternly write and let our readers make the choice.


The speed of this Tecno Phantom A2 is nice and not bad. It comes with a 1.2 GHz Quadcore so you see what we mean! The application loads fast and High Definition games is supported so you will enjoy your new Tecno Phantom A2. You must note that the Tecno Phantom A2 is like a maginification of the size of the Tecno Phantom A+.

*But* the RAM of this Tecno Phantom A2 is astonishingly poor! What? A Phablet with only 1GB RAM?! Tecno should simply tell us that a better Phablet is on the way so that users seal their purse till then. My Phantom A1 has a 1GB RAM and I know how I manage it with a RAM booster application. This poor RAM of Tecno Phantom A2 just means that you expect the prestigious Phablet to freeze often because of want of R. A Memory. We can’t help but say the RAM is poor, it should have been at least 2 GB


Tecno Phantom A2 phone camera and back
Tecno Phantom A2 phone camera and back

The Tecno Phantom A2 is the best phone within its range that has a great camera. Tecno is too generous here to give their customers a whooping 8MP front camera in this first Phablet of theirs and a great 12MP. Don’t relent in purchasing this device at least because of its great camera features. I love it so much! The display of the device shall not let you how truly beautiful the captured images are but believe me, the Tecno Phantom A2 will not disappoint you here!


Tecno Mobile did wonderfully well in this amazing device. Its connectivity is great though only a 3 band network. Even 3.75G network is supported in this Phablet so we join to congratulate Tecno in the release of this F8. In a nutshell its network bands are: Band : GSM900/1800/WCDMA2100MHz and it has a 3.75G, 3G and 2G network, isn’t that great? It also have a GPS Navigation support, WI-FI, Bluetooth and USB port.


Tecno has perhaps the best marketing strategy than any other Telecommunication industry in Nigeria and some other developing nations. They have for long realized that unstable power supply is the norm here so they put in this Tecno Phantom A2 the best battery ever from Tecno. The Tecno Phantom A2 comes with a 2630mAh battery with a Standby time of 280 Hours (According to Tecno) that is about a week and about 4 days and a 17.3 Hours Talk time.


Now the price of the Phantom A2 or F8 is certainly important, isn’t it? So the price from my market survey is N43,000 although many marketers will insist on N46K. The price is a bit high, isn’t it? Thats why we frowned greatly as some of the not pleasant specs of this device but on the other hand, the good of this device has some plausible weight too!

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