Not a few bloggers has wondered how possible it is to manage many of the Google Adsense account data in one single application. This post gives you the solution to just that!

Few days ago, I wrote about managing one’s Google adsense account from a mobile phone, today we shall dwell more on a single application for Android platform that streams recent updates in one’s account to it. This app under consideration today is called: Adsense Dashboard.

Before I got to know about Adsense Dashboard, I stumbled upon other applications that claimed to be capable of performing similar or same task –managing my Adsense account. Too many apps exist in the market that not only claims to perform this but they actually do. The question is how well can they?

When I installed Adsense Dashboard in my Android phone, I knew that I have got what I wanted because the app gives other extra features that make it unique. But wait, there is at least one other similar app with the name Adsense Dashboard that I know. That other one is developed by Son1c Studio and it’s more like the HTML version of the mobile adsense website in an app. The Adsense Dashboard that we are discussing here is the app developed by Gregory Block.

Adsense Dashboard Application for Android.

This Adsense Dashboard as at the time of writing this has been downloaded by more than 50K users and 670 out of 997 raters gave it a 5 star giving it an average of 4.4 rating. What makes this app unique?

Before you go on, please note that our reviews are not sponsored by any (otherwise stated).

  • Page views:    The Adsense Dashboard app follows the classic Google style and gives you your daily site page views alongside the Adsense details.
  • Compatibility:   Unlike the web/mobile view from the Google Adsense website, the Adsense Dashboard presents most of the info you need to know in just one page view. These includes what you see in my screenshot of the app below after the next sub-heading
  • Additional Charts:     This is perhaps the most unique thing about this application. This app collects all your adsense data and displays them in a graphical representation as charts. The app provides different charts for your CPC, CTR, RPM, Page views and Clicks.


Adsense Dashboard earnings: Demo account
Adsense Dashboard earnings: Demo account
Adsense Dashboard Charts: Demo account
Adsense Dashboard Charts: Demo account

More can be said of the Adsense Dashboard application but enough said. I recommend it to you.

To download and install this app, search for Adsense Dashboard in your Google Playstore app and install the one developed by Gregory Block. Good luck to you!