As part of our series on blogging, we understand that many bloggers and webmasters will love to make money from their site and if possible quit their paid job for blogging. This dream is no more fantasy as it used to be but now a reality, why not?

Why shouldn’t one make money from his writing? It’s logical that you should. Those who publish a hard copy of their ideas most times live by it and make millions…so why is the softcopy different? The answer lies in the fact that the world including the present writer would do anything to see the promotion of free contents as seen in the Open source campaign. So internet likewise should be free. Ideas must be shared by volunteers for free. Nothing stops me or any other writer to bundle up the contents of this blog as a commercial e-book, but I love it to be free after all the best things in life is free.

The question remains how free can these things be? Somehow a blogger must make money from his works; it’s not bad as long as the readers are not compelled to make a kind of payment before he gets the desired info.

The easiest/best way to make money from your Blog: Google Adsense

Google Adsense
Google Adsense

A lot of bloggers has asked this question often and on. If the answer is so easy to find then it shouldn’t have been one of the hottest topics among bloggers and prospective internet money makers. Ironically Google Adsense which we can tell you isn’t only the easiest way to achieve but also the best way is the most popular.

You can learn about ways to manage your adsense from your mobile device.

Of course the best way to make money from your site is by publishing adverts on it. A few fractions of webmasters and bloggers has been hard working and lucky that their blogs has a global high ranking and high traffic –so advertisers will come looking for them to buy a space from their website. But this isn’t so for the majority of blog owners. An alternative must be sought for and a best one at that!

Google Adsense and Cost per click adverts

I was so exultant when I first learnt of this mode of ad called cost per click or CPC. The first time I heard about Google adsense, the advertiser captioned his banner: “Come learn how you can make over $2,000 a day!” I never believed this at first although now the same caption can represent an exaggeration of the adsense among low cost per click earners but it is largely true on the other hand.

Cost per click advertising rewards the publisher of a certain ad based on the number of click on the ads and also the number of impressions it can make. A lot of factors affects the cost per click on any ad, these factors includes the topic of post and website ranking among others.

At the start of using Google adsense –itself the classic example of CPC advertising, the account owner may not be encouraged at the low earnings but I assure you that persistence, good content and patience will change all that.

You can visit to learn more about Google adsense.

Have a great day!