China made and affordable Android phones have not only our market but our ears these days. We have been overwhelmed by the *big* specs loaded with these tasty phones that keeps our eyes away from Samsung, HTC, LG and the rest.

Some of our readers have been pessimistic on this subject. We don’t blame them because it is largely true that nothing goes for nothing. The fact remains that China made Android phones are great.

However, some issues on the full availability of these specs loaded with China made Android phones has been generating issues among Mymobnet! readers. One of those readers went ahead to carry out some function test on Tecno D5, and he posted his results on our fast growing Facebook page. His words are:

Hello blogger, i’m just confused about the processor cores of this phone being dual core, most of the reviews including yours stated “duo core” meaning dual core, for this phone, whereas it is clearly stated on the specifications written on its package box that it is; and I quote: “Processor : 1 GHZ”, never mentioned dual core at all, but I still further my research by installing an app. “Android System Info” on my phone (Tecno D5) to determine the actual processor specification which clearly stated “1001 mhz, Single core Processor” form its analysis, in fact this app is wonderful by revealing a comprehensive and in depth specifications of the phone.

So now, my question is just that; Why the duo core hype for this phone, or is it hidden somewhere, even without official announcement of duo core for this phone? Clarification Pls?”

We have commented on this issue in a great detail in our fast growing Facebook page. Part of our comment is:

“The truth remains that the first Tecno D5 was shipped with a *stated* spec of IGHZ duo core.

Unfortunately, as Ella David Onmikpa observed, some of Tecno features are simply not correct. For example Tecno droids with a 4GB ROM actually has a 2GB internal with a partitioned extra 2GB mmc.  So we can’t wholly trust these Chinese we are only happy that they gave us
phones at an affordable price. Without them most Nigerians wouldn’t have a thirst of Android just as many don’t know what Apple iOS”

Anyway, from the very first quote above, we understand that:

  • Tecno D5 is supposed to be a 1GHz duo core processor
  • A test confirmed it 1GHz single core .

My own test with Tecno n7 confirms this:

  • Its 1GHz duo core
  • 1GB main internal + a mysterious (strange) 2GB instead of the said 4GB internal.

Now these tests is on China made Android phones using Tecno Mobile as a case study. We don’t think Gionee Mobile will be unaffected. We blog to guide people towards making the right choice, and that’s just what Mymobnet! readers wants.

The question remains: How true are these official specs of China made Android phones?