The iTel 1450 Android phone has been trending for a while and we wish to present the specifications review and price especially considering the fact that this is an Economic device because of its low price despite the Android OS and some of its features like great CPU and WIFI Hotspot.

Let’s as usual look at the specifications review of this Smart phone.

Hardware and Design:


It i450 Android Phobe
It i450 Android Phobe

Although there is nothing unique about the design of the iTel 1450 Android phone, we must say that the typical Android phone design which it has is great and on its phone makes the device worth more than its price. It has curved edges and looks almost like Tecno D5 except that it has a front Camera and another design of touch keys.

Operating System:

Once you bear in mind that the price of this iTel 1450 Android phone isn’t much, you will have no problem with its Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread old but Android classic Operating system. This version of Gingerbread is even higher than that loaded in Galaxy duo pros that sell above N25K if you still can find one.


The display of iTel 1450 Android phone is not bad for an Android phone of its range. In as much as the display isn’t highly desirable, it is not bad at all. Its screen size is 4.5 inches and it has a great resolution of 480*854 making the picture and colour contrast look almost like that of a High Definition device.


You may not believe that this seeming little device is configured with a 1GHz CPU! The RAM is the minimum best of 512Mb making the phone a pretty fast device! Go ahead and enjoy this feature graciously offered to the customer by iTel.


Another cool feature about this phone is its dual camera feature. Its back is 3MP and its front is 1.3MP. Although we shall not of any more good use of the front camera of this device specifically except to take one’s portrait, I must note that a 3MP will capture a good image of an object in a well illuminated area although the resolution wouldn’t be as big as some will wish it were.


The Internet connectivity will favour greatly heavy callers and light internet surfers. It has no 3G Network but only a 2G (EDGE), GPRS and GSM.

It has Bluetooth and WIFI Hotspot also.


The 1550mAH battery isn’t a great idea. Almost like that of Tecno D3. In reality, the phone will last up to 16 hours when mostly idle but only about 6 hours when in heavy usage. This is not good!


The price of this phone which is the primary reason the specs are not that flashy is very great, sold for N12,500 for now. It will probably get cheaper by the day.

From all of this, we can see that this Smartphone is very adequate for Android OS beginners who simply want to have the thirst of what Android OS is like or for those who need a N12K phone that is worth it and even worth more than it!

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