Gionee mobile recently pushed into the market its new Android phone Gionee Pioneer P1 and here is the full review and specifications by Mymobnet!

Design and Packaging:     The design and packaging of all Gionee Android phones look very much alike that sometimes you can’t tell except you watched closely. I was nearly deceived by this when I first handled the box of Gionee Pioneer P1. This new Android phone comes with a big pack that would make you think the Android phone inside must be above 4 inch screen size, but what you get may be different as we shall soon see.

Gionee Pioneer P1 phone

Gionee Pioneer P1 has a neat and excellent design similar to the Tecno D5 Android phone. It doesn’t have sharp edges but it comes with rounded curves that will smoothly fit in your palms just like the Infinix 350 and Tecno D5 we reviewed. Now this kind of design is nice but it seems we shall not get any other unique design from Chinese Android phone makers…We are almost getting tired of this rounded edge only design. But that’s not a big deal at all.

Gionee Pioneer P1 phone big box
Gionee Pioneer P1 phone big box

Operating System:             The Gionee Pioneer P1 is loaded with Android 2.3 gingerbread OS. This OS fits it most considering its price and screen size. But it would have been better if we got Android 4.0 and above. Anyway the Tecno D5 has no great advantage of it based on the OS alone.

Display:        Here is where we got our first disappointment with Gionee Pioneer P1.  We expected something big but we got only a 3.5 inch screen phone just like the Infinix Surf smart X350. This size is small indeed but also portable for those that loves a petite and handy mobile phone.

Speed:           The speed of Gionee Pioneer P1 is great. It has a 1GHz processor which is adequate for its software and RAM. Applications respond quickly to tasks and the boot time is about 30 seconds.

Camera: A nice camera is a great feature most of our readers love to see. But if you are not obsessed with quality phone camera for quality pictures, then Gionee Pioneer P1 may be for you! The phone’s camera is simply poor! A 2MP camera will not take a sharp indoor picture even if it was in the sunny mid day and you will not want to use it in the evening or night for a sharp and noiseless image. Kudos to Gionee for giving us a front camera in the Gionee Pioneer P1. With this 0.3 MP secondary camera, one can make video calls and effectively use Skype and other video calling Messengers like the Yahoo messenger. This is an advantage over the Infinix X350.

Internet Connectivity:    One of the best reasons one must get the Gionee Pioneer P1 is its 3G support. The extra value added to this phone because of 3G cannot be exaggerated here. We so much love it. Video calling, Live TV streaming, YouTube, heavy file download and etc. will give you less stress with a 3G.

Take a look at the full specs of Gionee Pioneer P1.

Gionee Pioneer P1 Features and Specifications:

Operating System:                       Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Network/Data:                  3G (9100/2100 MHZ), EDGE (class 12), GPRS (class 12)

WLAN:                                  WI-FI-802.11 a/b/n, WI-FI Hotspot

Bluetooth:                           3.0

Display:                                3.5”, HVGA Touch screen

Screen:                                 130*67*9.8mm of size

Camera:                                2.0MP primary and 0.3 secondary, video recording.

Operating System:                       Android OS 2.3 Ginger bread

CPU:                                       1GHz with Cortex A9

RAM:                                     512MB

Internal:                               512MB + 32GB expandable

GPS:                                       Yes

Sensor:                                 G-sensor, E-compass, Light sensor

Browser:                              2.0/xHTML, HTML

Compass:                             Digital compass

SIM Card:                             Dual SIM, Dual standby

Battery:                                1500Mah